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Information Trapping Mastodon

Keep An Eye on the Fediverse With the Mastodon Hashtag Monitor

Over 15 years ago I wrote a book called Information Trapping. It was about how to set up online monitors to find online information around certain keywords and keep it coming as a flow to you via tools like RSS, page monitors, etc. As you might imagine, Information Trapping’s resources and tool listings are very […]


A Bookmarklet for Mastodon

I made a bookmarklet today! Do you know about bookmarklets? They’re like regular browser bookmarks, only souped-up with JavaScript. As you might imagine the addition of JavaScript makes bookmarklets much more powerful than regular bookmarks. The bookmarklet I made was to address a Mastodon annoyance. Because Mastodon is decentralized, following a user on a different […]

Mastodon Search

What Do Internet Users Know About Social Signals and How Can We Apply that to Mastodon search?

It used to be that if I found some online writing I really liked, I’d look up and follow the author on Twitter. Now I look up the author and follow them on LinkedIn. This opinion piece by Elizabeth Lopatto is first rate. I love it when an entire article resonates from the jump. ‘Get […]


Light Dawns On Marblehead: You Can Use Mastodon’s Verified Identities as Search Filters

I was really pleased with the way my Mastodon tool “Gift Article Gazette” turned out. It made me eager to do more hashtag-based Mastodon search tools, but I was worried about spam. After poking into the Mastodon API, though, I think I’ve found big possibilities. I didn’t realize exactly how much information the Mastodon API delivers. […]

Community Communications Mastodon RSS

Daydreaming About the Perfect Mastodon Data Broadcast Setup for Emergency Responders

I used to play Rimworld a lot in the evening, but since I started learning JavaScript, it’s much more interesting to make up my own games. Yesterday evening I pretended I had just started a Mastodon instance for a county fire and rescue and I was designing a tool to make their posts as useful […]

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