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A Bookmarklet for Mastodon

I made a bookmarklet today!

Do you know about bookmarklets? They’re like regular browser bookmarks, only souped-up with JavaScript. As you might imagine the addition of JavaScript makes bookmarklets much more powerful than regular bookmarks.

The bookmarklet I made was to address a Mastodon annoyance. Because Mastodon is decentralized, following a user on a different instance while outside of a Mastodon app (say, while you’re browsing the Web) can require jumping a few extra hoops. With this bookmarklet, though, all you have to do is highlight the user name you want to follow and click on the bookmarklet. It’ll automatically create and open a follow confirmation link for that user via your instance. Easy peasy.

I’m all about the sharing so I made the bookmarklet available on GitHub. Enjoy. https://github.com/ResearchBuzz/Mastodon-Follow-Bookmarklet