Nosy Raleigh v2 Now Available!

Nosy Raleigh v2 Now Available!

I am very pleased to announce that V2 of Nosy Raleigh is now available! Nosy Raleigh uses Open Data Raleigh datasets to map news and happenings in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as provide information on local news and local government Twitter feeds. It’s available, free and free of ads, at . Let me tell you its features!

EXPLORE RALEIGH BY ADDRESS: Enter a Raleigh address and use the resulting map to explore a number of Raleigh features, including parks (dog and person), schools, libraries, and restaurants. In addition to locations, you may also explore events, including police incidents, fire department calls, and traffic accidents. University listings include local RSS feeds for news and restaurants include the most recent inspection score.

A screenshot of Nosy Raleigh mapping 200 N Blout street and the half dozen or so traffic incidents in the area over the last week.

BROWSE LOCAL NEWS: Nosy Raleigh offers a dropdown menu of fourteen local, (mostly) Raleigh-focused media so you can quickly browse local headlines.

A screenshot of Nosy Raleigh's "Browse Local News Sources" option. It's showing CBS17 News headlines underneath a dropdown menu of local news sources.

RALEIGH GOV TWITTER, SANS TWITTER: Get Raleigh government office Twitter content without having to worry about anything *else* that Twitter might want to show you. Includes links back to the original tweet for transparency.

A screenshot of Nosy Raleigh's "View Raleigh Gov Twitter (w/o Visiting Twitter" section. A list of tweets from the RaleighGov Twitter accounts appears beneath a dropdown list of local, county, and state government Twitter accounts.

Nosy Raleigh was designed for desktop use. It *should* work on mobile but might look a little weird. I’ve got plans to add other features but now that I have all these initial items working, I want to add another Nosy Raleigh feature: an alerts service! Stay tuned.

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