– 16 Tools to Make Your Google Search Better – 16 Tools to Make Your Google Search Better

Happy holidays! I made you a present: a collection of sixteen tools to make your Google search better, presented in a new site called .

As you might imagine, after over 25 years of writing about search engines I have plenty of thoughts and opinions about what’s missing in the search experience and what could be done better. Over the last 20 months or so as I’ve been learning JavaScript, I’ve started making what I want to see. And after I’ve gone to all that trouble to learn and program and troubleshoot, why not share?

SearchTweaks’ tools are divided into four categories: Query Builders (using external resources like Wikipedia to build more detailed Google searches without personal expertise), News-Related Search Tools (Using the FCC and other information sources to build news searches with transparent sourcing), Time-Related Search Tools (making Google’s date-based searching easier to use), and Search Utilities (hacks and tricks for making the most of how Google’s search works.)

SearchTweaks is free and ad-free. The site is hand-coded HTML/CSS/JavaScript so it should work on your phone, but it was designed with desktop use in mind. Enjoy!

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